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Rhiannon is Four!!!!

Rhiannon playing October 2012 #2

It was Rhiannon's Birthday last Thursday. I can't believe my last baby is now 4! She had a lovely day playing with friends in the park and then she had her cousin staying here at home with her over night. The next day was Granparents day at kinder so she had her granny and grandma and aunty Jo at kinder with her. Very busy end of the week for us.

Mummy, Daddy & Willow went on a Bike ride from Bona Vista Primary School to Darnum Primary School Mummy and Willow rode 9.3 kilometres to Darnum, but did not ride back. Dave rode 18.6 kilometres, the whole ride. My brakes failed at the start of the ride back to Bona Vista, which was annoying because I had just psyched myself into riding back. We had lots of fun encouraging the children and riding so far.

Long time no Journalling.

Wow, life has really moved on since I was last here.

Wow! its been so long.

So much has happened since I was last here.


Willow starts school transition on Monday. I can't believe she is about to start school, it seems like only yesterday that she was a baby and we were learning about being parents for the first time. She will be six in a month and is looking forward to school next year. The extra year of kinder has really improved her confidence and set her up for a good start to Prep next year with luck.
I love my beautiful 5 year old and I am so proud of how she is turning out. She will be in her 4th ballet concert in just over a week. She is in 4 dances and is rehearsing hard.

1st Nov, 2010

The girls are 5, 4 & 1 now and growing so fast. My little baby is 2 in a week. I will not be having anymore children, so it is hard to think of my youngest not being a baby any more. Rhiannon is a delight she fills our lives with joy every day. She is learning new words and skills all the time. She is already showing signs of being ready for toilet training and likes to sit on the toilet sometimes too.

"Rhiannon September 2010."

Charlotte-Amelie just turned 4 on October 12th. She is not yet toilet trained and challenges us constantly with her lively personality and attitude. She is a very busy girl and she loves kinder. As well as being a challenge to parent she is also very rewarding. Not a day goes by without beautiful cuddles. Charlie is a great big & little sister and has a generous heart. We have break throughs almost everyday with her toilet training.

"Charlotte-Amelie September 2010."

Willow is going to school next year and is excited. She has 3 weeks of transition on Mondays starting November 8th. She did her first ever dance exams this year 1 for jazz and 1 for classical ballet, she achieved Highly commended in both and has two medals for her efforts. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye at the end of this year to the ballet school that she has danced at for 4 years. Willow just blows us away with her capacity for confidence, strength, love and compassion. She will be 6 in just over a month and is very excited about her birthday and Christmas.


Life is very busy for us right now! So I am not going to do a long post. Hopefully I will have more news soon.Charlie's birthday is in just over a week and she will be 3 so, Boy how Quick the time goes!!

Our Horrifying Day!

After scorching heat and fire threatening from all directions the cooler weather today is very welcome! We have even had some rain this morning. We are still clearly aware that we are not necessarily out of danger yet. I hope that we do not have any more days like yesterday.

The Bushfire Sun!

Charlie in our front driveway.

The view from our front Verandah.

Willow and Aunty Jo on our front lawn.

The Mason's are Moving!!!

After 5 years here in Ormond we are finally on the move! Melbourne has become very expensive to rent and live in, so we have decide to give the country a go. When Willow was 2 months old we met the Jackson's at New Parents Group, but when Willow and Sarah were just over a year old they moved to Traralgon. We remained friends and I visited them a few times while they were in Traralgon. They then bought a house in Trafalgar, which is closer to Melbourne. We stayed with them last New Years Eve, because it was so hot and they had airconditioning whereas we did not. We found that we really liked the area and slowly decided that we would move down there as well.
We have a rental House in Trafalgar, which we take control of December 30. However, we will not fully move straight away as we still have this house till mid January so Dave is taking a week off closer to that time and that is when we will do the big move. So to begin with I will just start moving small stuff and stuff that has been in the garage for years so that I can go through it and (hopefully) throw out a lot of stuff.
I am nervous and scared, but excited too! The plan is also that I will stay home, hopefully from now until the girls go to school, but at least as long as possible.
Sorry to those of you who haven't heard yet, but:     "Rhiannon Nicole Mason" was born on November 8th at 10:14am weighing 2.245Kgs. She was in Jessie Mac Special Care Nursery for 9 days, but while I was in she was allowed out to my room whenever I wanted. She was only bottle and breast fed, no tube through the nose at all which is Fantastic! She is home now and doing very well. She came home on the 17th of November.
Life has been very hectic with ballet and birthday parties and Willow's school break-up. Willow's ballet concert is next Tuesday and Wednesday nights and her 4th birthday is on Monday. Charlie grows ever cheekier and more 2 year old like every day.

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

I am now more Pregnant than I have ever been! 35 Weeks & hoping to make it to 36 Weeks or more.